Monday, 18 June 2012

Spencer is Six Months Old Today!

I can't believe our gorgeous pupster is six months old today!

He had a bit of a lie in this morning :)........

And here's one especially for Alfie, a handsome Golden Retriever belonging to Lynette of Sweet Posy Dreams.

Spot the rat, Alfie!!

If you haven't already, please check out Lynette's fabulous blog and post about Alfie and his Rat!! -- It came as a rat but left as a rag.

Have a great day!

Maggie xx


  1. Happy 6 month Birthday Spencer! You are a gorgeous boy!

  2. Look at Spencer being a good boy with his rat! What a sweetie. Alfie would have had the ears and tail off that in half an hour. I will try to get Alfie to look at the picture; maybe he can learn something from Spencer.

  3. Happy 6 month Birthday to Spencer! What a cutie pie :D

  4. Spencer is so sweet, even to rats!
    And yes, Alfie can learn something from him :D!

  5. Happy Half Birthday Spencer!! He's so cute having a lie in-it's a hard life eh?. xx

  6. he is nice, congratulations!!!! a long live for Spencer . Sorry but I don´t speaking English.


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