Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring Cleaning in September

So I've been busy 'spring cleaning' my workroom. I'm really glad to tell you that everything's been sorted and re-sorted, filed, folded, stacked, dusted, cleaned..........
I'm so's lovely to work in.....and I feel like I know where everything is!

I've asked Chris very nicely if he will fix me a shelf for my patchwork scrap boxes that I showed you last time. He says it's on the list but there are more urgent jobs like re-felting the shed roof....I just don't get that ;) How can it be more important than my scrap boxes!!
Of course, I've done some crafting in between sorting and cleaning :)
Here's my green patchwork box......
And I'm making a patchwork baby quilt in gorgeous shades of blues.....

I've partly sewn the patchwork top.....I think these blues work really well together.....
And a couple of pics of Spencer.......he's discovered water!!
Here he is walking with my sons on the Common......

They were both staying here last week ....... it was lovely to spend time with them :)
Enjoy the rest of the's sunny here....hope it is where you are too :)
Maggie xx


  1. What a lovely photo of you with your boys :) Your work room is lovely, all that gorgeous fabric... love it. xx

  2. Your work room looks great -- so tidy! Things never stay organized long at my house. I don't know how I got to be such a mess.

    You look so happy with the boys. Isn't it funny to have grown-ups for children? Glad you had a nice visit.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous fabric stash! Your room looks wonderful, a great creative place to work. Isn't it wonderful when those little boys we nurtured and cared for loom above us and make us feel tiny and protected!

  4. My goodness, what a lot of pretty pictures!
    Your room is fantastic and cosy.

  5. Ooh... your boxes are driving me nuts! Makes me want to overcome my fear of sewing and actually start a small project. You are looking so happy to have your strapping young lads around you. I know the feeling. Your room is looking wonderful and what a gorgeous stack of fabric. Happy crafting.

  6. Love your workroom and am very jealous of your fabric stash! Absolutely adore your boxes too.

  7. That's a cute photo of you and your boys!

  8. The patchwork box is absolutely adorable :) Wow!


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