Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fab Floral Finds!

We've just come home to find this gorgeous gladiolus flower! I thought I had moved the corms to a different part of the garden and since then they haven't done so well. But this was the one that got away (or stayed where it was!) :)

We've spent a lovely few days away in Devon with Chris' family.

Terrible weather but lots of wonderful crafting :)

I tried out silk painting for the first time. I really enjoyed it but didn't get on so well with the gutta (the waterproof outline) so I made a simple tie dye scarf. Here's a glimpse!

I still need to iron it under paper to seal the paint (and remove the creases!) I need lots more practice but it's definitely a craft I would like to try again.

Whilst away we managed to fit in a spot of shopping and found a couple of second hand/vintage shops along the way. I'm so pleased with a couple of gorgeous retro 70s duvet's a peek...

I love the colours.........

and I love the huge flowers!

Here they are freshly washed, hanging on the line.....

They'd brighten up anyone's day, wouldn't they?

I also took the opportunity to make a couple of patchwork blocks for my holiday quilt. I knew they would have to be simple blocks to cut and piece as I wouldn't have too much spare time.

So I chose to make the Neck Tie block....spotty tie with a checked shirt?!

And I also made the Whirlwind block as I'm sure there was a whirlwind outside our bedroom window for most of the holiday!

So now I have five blocks for my holiday quilt :) A few more to go yet but I'm so enjoying choosing and making the blocks!

I'd just like to say thank you to you for reading (and hopefully following) my blog. I love receiving your lovely comments :)

Maggie xx


  1. Your blocks are always so lovely. The view from your garden is spectacular, and the duvet covers are scrummy too of course :) Well done on the silk painting, stunning colours. x

  2. Everything is lovely, but I am really taken with your red gladiolus. Stunning. I have never tried to grow them because I'm not one for digging up in the fall and replanting. My mother used to grow them, however, in Tennessee when I was a little girl. One day a neighbor boy came running through my mother's gladioli with a butterfly net. Our babysitter/maid ran out and gave that poor boy a heck of a dressing down! I'm glad no one has tramped on your pretty flower!

  3. Hello Maggie...sorry I haven't stop by in awhile, as my blog roll gets extremely long, it's hard to keep up with everyone sure did find something the blue print duvet cover as well! Hope you have a lovely week! Shari.

  4. What a view I can see over those pretty duvet covers! Your scarf looks very pretty - working with gutta just takes a lot of practice and a steady hand; there is a knack to it which I'm sure you'll get quite quickly. I, however, will never get the knack of making neat blocks. I am all fingers and thumbs.

  5. Hi, Maggie!
    I love your sweet heart. It shows in all you post and what you love so much.
    Your post brightened my day so much. Thank you for sharing.
    I love your tie die, and would never know it was a first. It makes me go...hmmm! Now I have another fun thing I want to try!
    What kind of paper do you iron on to set the die? Is it wax paper?
    I love your quilt blocks, especially the tie! Adorable combination!
    What a delightful surprise your flower is! Glad this one escaped the transplant. It is gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous blooms and lovely quilt blocks.


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