Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Born Calf

On our walk on the Common with Spencer on Sunday, we came across a cow with its calf....

We noticed the mother cow was eating something and I was worried for a few seconds that she had some of that orange plastic netting (the type that is sometimes found around building works) caught in her mouth...

Thanks goodness I was wrong......looking a bit closer, we realised that she was eating the afterbirth and the calf must have only just been born....hope you're not squeamish!

On the way back, the calf looked a bit more confident and I saw that it's markings were just like its mum's.....

We also saw the small 'herd' of horses that are on the Common during the warmer weather...

and the donkey that keeps them company....

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. I have to admit that I did say 'ewww' - but the pictures are worth it. The little cow is cute. :)

  2. I'm not sqeamish but I was eating at the time! LOL! In the Springtime when most of the baby cows are born up North, I would almost drive off the road on my way to work from looking at them! They are so cute....nothing like baby anything. I so love your little apple mini quilt!

  3. Tiny calf! So cute! What did Spencer think?

  4. Oh my Maggie, how exciting to see a brand new little baby like that!

  5. You must live in a wonderful area with all the animals around :) Thx for sharing!

  6. Oh what a unique experience! Thanks for sharing the pic. These open spaces look so inviting.

  7. Oh....such a pretty corner of the world in which you live!!

  8. Hi Maggie,

    I haven't stopped by in a while. Looks like you've been having a lovely summer with fun trips.

  9. What a sweet moment to be there with a new calf. Lovely photos of the land and all the animals.

  10. Wonderful pics Maggie!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend too,
    Susan x


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